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The lifeblood of company decision making is data, but how to get started in collecting that data?

Synthelize is here for you!

Our team has over twenty years of experience in developing data warehouses, analytics, dashboards, and visualizations to help you make up-to-the-minute decisions based on the latest data vital to your organization.


Data Integration

We work with your team to develop and implement a data integration plan that may include cloud hosting and data warehousing.

Data Visualization

We work with existing or new data stores to develop novel, insightful visualizations in the platform of your choice.

Data Strategy

We develop long term data plans - systems to evaluate, dashboards to create, ways to disseminate key data throughout your organization


Introducing Synthelize

What’s your data telling you?

These days organizations are drowning in data.   Data is being accumulated everywhere - cloud based systems, locally hosted systems, databases, spreadsheets.  Data is streaming in from phones, from tablets, even from the tiny devices and sensors that record our environment.  Never in history has more data been captured and the growth of data collection is accelerating with no end in sight.

Fifty years ago the quantity of data that any person had to deal with was fairly constrained.  Data storage was quite expensive and the means of collecting data were quite limited.  Analyzing data was a fairly straightforward process – run some limited reports, maybe aggregate a few numbers.  Generating anything beyond the simplest of reports took an enormous effort.


Do you have a data strategy?

Many organizations think they have a data strategy because they have data SYSTEMS. These individual data systems are the engines of various departments, providing a point of entry and a point of reporting for one department. The sales team might use a tool such as Salesforce or SugarCRM to keep track of contacts, leads, and closes. The folks in marketing might be using a combination of Hubspot or Pardot or Google Analytics or other tools to track marketing efforts. Financials might be managed through Quickbooks, and HR data stored in a system such as WorkDay or PeopleSoft. Information on inventory and production could be in a multitude of different databases, spreadsheets, and files throughout the organization.

Our Five Step Process

We at Synthelize have been working with clients for decades on data architecture and data strategy. Over the years some best practices have emerged for us on what constitutes good data strategy. We have outlined a five step process that we use as a guide for organizations on how to begin the process of using your data to answer big organizational questions.

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